3 Easy Steps to Overcome Calluses. Let's see !

Having calloused feet is quite annoying, isn't it?, dear. Apart from reducing aesthetics, Calluses that are often accompanied by water fleas also cause uncomfortable itching.

Calluses (callus) itself is actually a thickened or hardened part of the skin as a form of skin protection against excessive pressure and friction. The part of the skin that has calluses will usually be yellowish and become less sensitive.

Therefore, you need treatment to treat callused foot skin and restore its condition and sensitivity. Let's see the following article. Aulia will share three easy steps for you.

  1. Soak feet with warm water and soap

Warm water and soap will help soften your dry calluses, hard and thickened. Then how? Yes, You just have to prepare a flat container like a basin filled with enough water. Add your favorite liquid soap. Aulia recommends using a body wash that contains moisturizers and anti-bacteria. Next, soak the feet and rub the calluses with a pumice stone to remove the hardened layer of skin.

  1. Using plaster (patch) or special gel

Calluses can be cured by applying a special plaster containing as much salicylic acid as 40 percent. Salicylic acid itself is one of the substances that acts as a skin exfoliating agent. You can also find salicylic acid in the form of a cream ointment. The function is the same, namely to exfoliate dry dead skin. Plaster for callus feet itself should be replaced regularly, OK?, dear.

  1. Caring for callused skin with foot cream

Treating callused feet with foot cream can also be a surefire solution. The content of the formula can nourish and soften your thickened calluses.

Interested to try foot cream? Or want to add to your foot cream collection? Let's try Aulia Foot Cream. Extra mousterizer content, Portulaca extract and vitamin E can help overcome various foot skin problems.

How to use? Yes, After the treatment, soak your feet with warm water and soap. You can dry your feet and apply Aulia foot cream all over the back and soles of your feet. Use regularly for best results. Check more https://www.instagram.com/auliacosmeticofficial

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