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Q: Where to get Aulia Cosmetic products?

A: All products can be found at Aulia Cosmetic's Official Store such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Loop. Or you can visit the nearest cosmetic shop directly.

Q: Are Aulia Cosmetic products registered with BPOM and Halal?

A: We are always committed to producing quality products, halal, of course, certified by BPOM and standardized production processes with CPKB / GMP.

Q: The price is affordable, what about the quality?

A: Yup, One of our goals is to answer the needs of Indonesian consumers who want reliable personal care products at affordable prices. Through every step of innovation, we are always continuously dedicated to producing quality products.

Q: If you want to ask about Aulia Cosmetic products, where to call?

A: If you want to know about Aulia Cosmetic products, you can contact Instagram Aulia Cosmetic Official via DM at @auliacosmeticofficial


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