When is the best time to use body lotion ?

As we know, before the variety of body care products, body lotion is a body care product that is already popular. Body lotion has many benefits ranging from moisturizing and protecting the skin from UV rays to being able to brighten the body's skin tone. But did you know that this body lotion has the best times to use it?. Like it will be very effective if used when our skin is damp after bathing.

Then when is the other best time ? And what's the reason? Let's see the following article !

After taking a bath

Did you know that the water content is actually effective in helping the lotion to absorb into the skin pores perfectly?. Especially after bathing your skin is still clean. The absence of irritating dirt particles will be great for optimizing lotion absorption.

Before bed

The best time for the regeneration of old cells into new cells occurs at night while you sleep. Therefore, if you apply body lotion all over your body before going to bed, the nutritional content in the lotion will effectively work to help the regeneration process.

When in an air-conditioned room

Air conditioner absorbs a lot of water vapor around it. Yes, As a result, if you stay in an air-conditioned room for too long, you have to drink often so you don't get dehydrated. Likewise, your skin needs fluids to return its moisture. Yes, Body lotion is very appropriate to use when your skin is dry because it's been exposed to AC for too long.

After swimming

Swimming is indeed healthy and highly recommended. But you also have to keep your skin healthy. Dark skin is often a complaint for those who swim in outdoor pools. The content of chlorine and chlorine in pool water also often makes the skin dry after swimming.

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