Tips to Overcome Moths for Attending Important Events

The skin has a natural dark pigment called melanin. When the skin is exposed to the sun, it will release melanin to reduce UV radiation. The longer skin exposed to the suni, the more melanin is produced. as a result, the skin becomes darker than the area that is not exposed to the sun.

Therefore, the problem of striped skin is a lot of concern for women as well as men. Striped skin often makes us not confident, especially when attending important events. As a normal response, of course we want to appear perfect in front of others, right?, dear.

So what are the tips for dealing with it?? Aulia will share in the following article. Let's see!

  1. Treat it with body serum

Body serum has a texture made of water based or water texture so that it is light and easily permeable. The usual content found in it is green tea, grape seed extract, coenzyme Q10, niacinamide and peptides for the function of preventing wrinkles, Vitamin C which helps brighten dull skin. Not only does it stop there, the body serum is also equipped with a moisturizer, as aloe vera, olive oil, baobab extract and vitamin E..

  1. Take a bath with whitening soap

Body whitening soap functions to rejuvenate and regenerate which functions to moisturize and brighten. Vitamin A content, vitamin D, and vitamin E which is usually contained in the formula also makes the skin feel softer and supple.

  1. Regularly use a body scrub

Scrubbing can also be done as a treatment. Scrubbing can help you remove dead skin cells. And the skin will renew itself in every 30 day.

  1. Using body lotion.

Body lotion is well known to have the function of brightening skin tone. Jicama extract content, niacinamide to vitamin c is commonly found as its whitening formula. Well, now the innovation in body care is more up -to -date, dear. You can try a tone up lotion for an instant brightening effect. You just need time 5 seconds to deal with striped skin.

You can try the latest body lotion series from Aulia. Yes, Aulia Archipelago Tone Up Lotion can treat your skin in just a few minutes 5 second. Let's check the following link

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