How to Moisturize Skin Solution ?

Skin moisture is characterized by adequate water content on the skin. Moisturized skin also helps prevent wrinkles, itching or skin irritation caused by severe dry skin conditions. Unfortunately without us knowing, The skin undergoes natural evaporation of water content which is usually referred to as transepidermal waterloss. Not only that, the use of an inappropriate cleanser with excess foam and containing alcohol can strip the skin of moisture.

Then what's the solution?? In addition to routinely using body lotion, you also have to pay attention to the selection of soap. Currently, there are quite a variety of bath soaps on the market. Solid soap, liquid soap, natural soap, shower gel, shower cream dan body wash. At a glance, all the soap products that have been mentioned have the same function. All of them are indeed several variants of soap that have the main function of cleaning the body. But did you know that each product has different benefits?.

Shower gel and shower cream, for example, both have different formulas that affect their function. Shea butter, coconut oil and cleaning agents such as polyglucose usually found in shower cream. While the shower gel consists of an emulsifier and glycerin which is usually combined with aloe vera extract. Shower gel able to clean excess oil on the skin that has the potential to cause acne or fungus on the body.

The next body wash when compared to shower gel will have a lot of moisturizing effects on the skin. Why is that? Yes, This is because the body wash has a series of higher moisturizing content and other nutrients. There will be easy to find body wash with milk extract, almond oil, pomegranate oil and many more.

Then how to use body wash treatment to moisturize the skin? You just take a shower 2 times a day with a body wash so the skin is healthy and moisturized.

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